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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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street corner. the bomb squad is on the way. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. you made it to friday a good-looking weekend shaping up. hot. 90s, mid-90s on the way. we'll sort it all out in your full forecast. >> while the peninsula is clear, we are following the closure. christie smith talking about police activity. we will talk about your traffic there as well as through alamo. >> a live look from san francisco. that is the embarcadero illuminated. i imagine you are feeling pretty good. friday, april 26th. this is "today in the bay." it is straight up 5:00. good morning, everybody. thank you for getting up with us. i am laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news.
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streets are shut down in oakland. investigators are taking a closer look at a grenade-looking device. christie smith joins us live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, laura. within the last couple of minutes i have seen two police officers with flashlights heading to that corner, the red sign and down below is a fire hydrant. that's where this device that looks like a grenade was discovered about an hour ago by a resident who then called police. now, i spoke with an officer on scene. he has seen it. he tells me it looks like an old grenade. but, in his opinion, hard to tell whether it is real or fake. they are taking no chances. international is closed down between 47th and 50th. again, it is on the corner at 48th avenue. i spoke with an alameda county sheriff's spokesman and he said the bomb squad is now on the way. they will suit up and take a closer look at it. sometimes they can get close enough to tell whether it is real or fake. they are going to do that later
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this rng monmorning. one has arrived. several more are expected. no eta on when international will open back up. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland. christie smith, "today in the bay." this morning, fire investigators still trying to figure out exactly what caused an historic building once home to the cyclery to go up in flames. it could collapse, there is concern, because of all the damage. bob redell is live with more and of the history of this city landmark. >> reporter: jon, we are here on first street near 280 in front of what used to be fabers cyclery. the damage caused by the fire has caused the building to lean to the right, specially noticeable on the ground floor.
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there has been concern of collapse. you can see the building seems to be, it is holding its own, because the structure has been dproemized, they don't feel it is safe to go inside. they might need to make entry to rescue a woman and child that live upstairs. they weren't at home or made it out safely on their own. the red cross is helping them with temporary housing. you can see in these picks provided by the san jose fire department, the flames consumed the upper floor, destroying a landmark here in the downtown area. this building was built in 1884 for 101 years. it was hope to faber's cyclery, and one reason it burned so easy, it is victorian. >> it has balloon construction which allows it to travel through the walls. the fire started on the first and it can travel through the
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walls. fire travels faster in these structures than conventional structures. >> reporter: jon, you mentioned the cause. the fire department is still trying to figure that out. the building did have power going into it, running into it. that was an issue for firefighters. there were power lines down. they had pg&e turn it off. it is not clear an electrical problem had anything to do with this. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> sd just in, the remaining suspects moved to a prison facility. police say he was transferred to a prison facility. the 19-year-old is recovering from a gunshot wound to the throat and other injuries suffered during last week's attempted getaway. the massachusetts college student and his brother set off bombs investigators say they set off bombs that killed three and
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wounded more than 250 at the marathon finish line in boston on april 15g9. the 11-year-old from martinez who was critically injured in the boston blast made an emotional return to the scene of the crime yesterday afternoon. take a look at these photos of aaron hern. he suffered shrapnel wounds to his legs and he was at the finish line to cheer on his mother running in the finish line. no word on when he is expected to return to the bay area. >> in the meantime, a bay area high school student under arrest accused of making bomb threats at local schools. police say the 16-year-old student at deer valley high school admits to making seven bomb threats at that school this week as well as threats at black diamond middle school in antioch. police say deer valley staff and students provided information that helped them track down this student. >> a big bust on the peninsula after sheriff deputies pulled over a driver for talking on his cell phone. >> san mateo county sheriff's
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deputies say they stopped 20-year-old carrie stins in san bruno when they spotted him talking on his cell phone. when they searched, they say they found a pound of marijuana and $88 in cash. when they went to his home, deputies say they found more drugs, guns and cash. a woman in the home was also arrested after deputies say they found drugs on her as well. >> a bay area civil rights group calling foul on the racial breakdown of the companies working on the team's new santa clara stadium. the lawyer's committee for civil rights raising concerns about the number of minority-owned contractors building the $1.2 billion stadium. an executive director of the coalition says, the main developer of that project did not make an effort to include minority contractors. a spokesperson from the city of santa clara disagrees. >> the 49ers spent millions of dollars advertising the new stadium and preparing to build
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it and you couldn't miss this was going on. >> when state and public funds are being used to support a project, there cannot be any discrimination. there needs to be a fair and open process. >> beerman added he knows of one minority contractor currently working on that new stadium. >> let's see what meteorologist, christina loren, is working on this morning. she has a look at our forecast. >> i'm working on a very nice weekend four. good morning to you tichlts going to . it is going to be nice. a couple things to point out here. you will notice we do have some moisture out there as these lights aren't as clear as they usually look. you can see old glory there kind of blowing around in the breeze. we have a little fog and wind. i'm happy to report no flight delays out of sfo. it is a getaway friday. no flight delays out of any major airport across the nation. we will let you know if that changes, keep tabs on that all morning long. good-looking day. really good-looking day if you
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keep in mind we are headed towards the 90s. a really long stretch of hot weather headed our way. today is the coolest of the next eight. 55 degrees in san jose, by noon. your readings are only going to end up in the upper 60s, a couple of low 70s. we are talking about temperatures today rounding out in the mid-70s and low 80s in the warmer cities across the bay. closer to 90 degrees tomorrow. 78 for livermore, 77, concord, 71 degrees in fremont. 64 in san francisco. i will have your full forecast coming up in a few moments. if you can't stick around, your heading out the front door trying to get to work. mike is here to help you. he puts a little smile on your face. we hope it does. >> a smooth drive right here across the upper deck, across into san francisco. lower deck, just about as much volume of traffic. a little lighter and later for the build just like friday would bring you. we are looking out to the maps and show you no problems for oakland. for 880, a smooth drive as you are coming up through the area. we will show you what we can here. this is the deck of the bay
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bridge itself. the freeway itself is not a problem. there are two events at the coliseum. right now, the issue is international boulevard from 40th to 50th. this is closure for police activity. we are setting our chopper there. hopefully, they will give you a little shot as things get lighter. alamo, on stone valley road. we are going to end with this map and give folks a word of caution. on round hill, an overnight deadly crash. a car went into a power poll right there. at least one person is dead. there is bound to be a power issue. it is a pg&e pole. stone valley is clear. watch farther east. >> how about this, "today" at sfo, united airlines will celebrate its new nonstop service to paris. a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the international terminal this afternoon at 1:30. united will be serving french
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foods and it has brought in a 12-foot tall replica of the eiffel tower for this celebration. >> better start brushing up on our french. >> i would like to go. that's nice. oracle arena should be rocking tonight at the warriors take on the denver nuggets. >> they are tied at one game a piece. will steph curry be ready for tip-off? marla t marla tallez inside oracle arena. >> nice t-shirt. >> they hooked me up. they said, you could put this on. does this make me a warrior girl? >> reporter: we are warriors. i am surround bid a complete sea of gold as allen gives you a look. there are about 20,000 seats inside oracle arena. every single one of them is covered with a t-shirt. on the back of them, one of four of their sayings for the playoff, defend, battle, unite,
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protect. oracle arena gearing up for game three of the seven-game series against the nuggets, their 33rd consecutive sellout. if they win tonight, a 2-1 lead coming off a huge win in game two when the team shot an amazing 65%. the warriors winning that game 131-117. now, tonight, the fans and team are hyped with the big question as laura wand jon mentioned, will their star point guard, steph curry, take the court after he sprained his ankle in game two. he did not practice yesterday. he is still hopeful. >> i can only speak with how i feel right now. i wouldn't be able to play right now if there was a game. got to take advantage of the next day and a half to get right. i think i have enough time to do it. >> he says he would be willing to take a painkiller shot if it comes down to in order to play no matter what is going to be a
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last-minute gametime decision. tip-off is at 7:30 tonight. warriors versus nuggets, 7:30. in the mine time, just across the parking lot at tcoliseum, te oakland a's are hosting the orioles with the first pitch being thrown at 7:05. if you are in the east bay, you are going to be affected by tonight's traffic. it is going to be a traffic nightmare to say the least. the warriors are being kind enough to open the doors two hours early at 5:30. live inside the oakland arena, oakland oracle arena, i'm marla tallez, "today in the bay." agencies all over the bay area teaming up for the great chihuahua challenge. we'll explain. >> you are going to have to. plus, new developments on capitol hill in the fight to make you pay sales tax when you shop online. the very strange story of hewlett-packard and dancers.
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we'll take a look.
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welcome back. good friday morning to you. computer giant, hewlett-packard, is denying reports, it spent tens of thousands of dom ars for dancers. scott, there were reports the dancers would show up at hp offices supposedly to inspire creativity. >> all it did was inspire justifiable anger, both with investors and hp workers who wondered why would someone waste money that way. it turns out they didn't. it wasn't true there are no dancers. the report ran on cnn's money website. the article said hp paid dancers $20,000 to show up unannounced and show tech workers some moves. hp investigated and found one
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case of some dancers showing up during a charity drive in their idaho offices but nobody paid anybody for it. a company spokesperson says he saw the cnn article and said, have we lost our minds shall i thought to myself. well, no, we hadn't, because as it turns out, story wasn't true. meanwhile, over at yahoo! the chairman of the board is exiting stage right. fred am mer roe so came on board after it fired thompson for faking a resume. after a year, he is stepping down, because he did what he came to do, he got yahoo! back on the right track. let's check the markets with courtney reagan. good morning. hi, good morning to you, scott. futures are mixed after stocks faded late in the day again yesterday. still, the dow and nasdaq held on to gain. the nasdaq is having the es about the five-day win streak in
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five months. a report on how the economy performed in the first three months. gdp is expected to rebound thanks in part to the improving housing market and steady consumer spending. we won't know for another 13 minutes. the dow rising 24 points to an even 14,700, the nasdaq up 20 to 3289. scott? >> thank you, courtney. have a great weekend! >> jon and laura, you are familiar with the computer graphics they show on television during a baseball game. these graphics are done by the same company which does the first in football called sports vision. the company recently discovered while the graphics are fun, the data that they are collecting to make these graphics is incredibly valuable to coaches. it is like super money ball. >> there is a lot of things that you can tell from that. i would say the holy grail of what they are trying to determine from this data is, can you tell if a pitcher is about to get injured, because of the way he is pitching or may even be injured and hasn't told the team doctors about it.
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>> that's a clip from the press here. we are going to talk about the future of sports using computer analysis of sports this week. right after meet the press on sunday. it is fascinating stuff. what if las vegas got ahold of that? >> exactly. >> look forward to that, scott. appreciate it. check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. i think we are all a little more bubbly this morning because it is friday. >> friday fever. >> sleeping in. doesn't that sound good. well, maybe not for you, laura. you get to spend time at home with your family this weekend and the weather is going to make for some very interesting conditions, whether or not you want to stay inside. that's going to be up to you. when temperatures approach the 90s inland and you don't want to use that a.c., what do you do around here? you head to the beach. you head to the mountains, it doesn't take long before you drop by 20 degrees. you have that opportunity. sunday is going to be hotter than saturday. today, though, looking perfect for the final day of the workweek. 55 in san jose to start the day.
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49 up in concord. 55 degrees in oakland. good morning to you. temperatures are going to be pretty mild today, specially in comparison to where we are headed. wind are still coming in offshore. your can see that in san francisco. straight out of the west at six miles per hour. they are starting to shift a little bit as we head throughout the second half of the day. a strong offshore flow. all that marine layer will push back out to sea as a result. daly city, one of those fog-free days for you. it is going to get hot as we lose that marine layer. high pressure builds in. winds go offshore. for us, that means we lose our natural a.c. you are going to probably have to use your regular a.c. as we head throughout the weekend inland. specially in the east bay and the south bay, where temperatures will be hot. 80 degrees for gilroy. that's it. that's the warmest city. 79 for fairfield. 71 degrees, right around room temperature in fremont. look at where we are headed.
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by tomorrow, the mid-80s. look at that 90 for sunday, mike. i know. i see you looking at that. monday to tuesday, the upper 80s. we are going to stay hot just about every single day next week. we might get a storm system late next weekend that could bring some relief. that's not looking all that promising. 5:20. can you promise us a smooth drive right now, mike? that's the question. >> i cannot promise you. i'll show you and you determine my commitment. the northbound commute. all mate juror service streecer advice streets. there is construction, 880 as you are coming down between brea brokaw and montague. presently, a nice easy drive along the peninsula. i can promise pretty much some slowing. la
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lady antebellum playing tonight. we are looking over toward the east bay. we are going to show you some issues for emeryville. a live look at the traffic. we are now starting to see more traffic flow through richmond. we may see slowing but a smooth drive coming off of 580 and the richmond san rafael bridge. we should show that traffic flow. southbound 101 very light. again, for the north bay like the rest of the bay, a little bit lighter and later for the build for your commute. 5:21 right now. some tough news for a lot of people. tax free internet shopping can soon be coming toen aend. the u.s. senate voting to advance a bill yesterday that would impose state and local taxes on purchases made over the internet. senators will be holding a final vote next month. this bill gives power to the states to collect taxes from all squon li online retailers. the sales tax would be sent to the state where the customer lives animal shelters across the bay area teaming up to curb the
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overpopulation of chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes. 12 bay areas taking part in the bay area challenge. the goal is to stay and neuter 500 chihuahuas by the end of may. participating shelters will do it for $20 compared to the normal cost of $125. owners must register their pet and the chihuahua must be younger than seven years old and weigh under 15 pounds. chihuahuas make up about 20% of the animal population at local shelters. >> the great chihuahua challenge. >> fun to say. >> not fun for the dogs 5:22. the niners and raiders picking out the newest players on day one of the nfl draft. we will get a chance to hear from some of the new guys. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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happy friday. welcome bam. the newest member of the 49ers. >> san francisco traded up to get their man. they grabbed safety, eric reed from lsu. reed could get right into the lineup since last year's safety signed with tampa bay. after getting picked, reid said he is ready to get to work. >> they traded up to get me. i'm very fortunate to get on such a great defense. tons of guys i can go in there and learn from. veteran guys. i can't wait to get to california and get to work. >> he looks excited, doesn't he? >> sounds like a good kid. in the meantime, the raiders traded down but still got the guy they were looking for the silver and black parlaying their third overall pick into the 12th and 42nd overall, they grabbed that guy, quarterback, d.j.
5:26 am
hayden out of houston. he and his family were ecstatic when they got the news. >> it was crazy. i said, i'm coming to cally. my whole family cheered for me, excited, giving me hugs, shaking my hands, telling me they loved me. it is just good to have my family here with me right now. >> love the smile and he is so happy. >> i have cousins now i didn't know i had. >> i love my new signing contract. >> the draft will continue today and wrap up tomorrow. >> it is really good to see their excitement. >> these young men suddenly rich. >> we have an update for the breaking news out of oakland. what christie smith just learned about a grenade found on city streets. >> plus, making good on a bet. how san francisco's mayor is now having to pay off that super bowl debt. keeping tabs on what the warriors are doing. look at that.
5:27 am
all painted in the team colors in there with some great t-shirts of every single one of the seats. marla tallez out there live. we'll have more coming up, 5:27.
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breaking news out of oakland after a grenade was found on international boulevard. it shut down the street for over an hour. the street is back open now. we'll tell you why coming up. riots breaking out in bangladesh as anger gross over the factory collapse. what police are saying about the building today looks good. tomorrow, we have a major warmup headed our way. the beaches are going to be the place to be. where you could see flight delays and how long the warmup will last while christie smith talks about the update for oakland, city streets, alamo and the alta
5:30 am
nont, two areas where you may have issues for freeway drivers. >> we are not just talking about but showing you a live look outside from the south bay waiting for the sun's arrival. you made it to friday. april 26th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we begin with breaking news. police now saying a grenade found in the streets of oakland appears to be old and no longer dangerous. some very good news there. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at that scene. are the streets still shut down out there. . >> no. within the last five, ten minutes, international boulevard was reopened at 48th. i had a chance to speak with the bomb squad technician and run over and get a shot of this device in question. this is the grenade that caused all the confusion this morning. a citizen reported seeing it at
5:31 am
the corner at 48th and international. police were called out here. they looked at it. it looked real to them. so they called in the bomb squad this morning. alameda county sheriff's department. i just had a chance to speak with the sergeant. he is telling me it doesn't have what it needs to explode. in fact, there is a hole in the middle of it. it doesn't have any of the blasting capability. he said he was actually able to pick it up with his hand. they are going to take it back to the department possibly and use it for training. he says vietnam era. no danger here. it just can't explode. they see this kind of thing quite often. some people keep them as a novelty. it is a misdemeanor to place something like this out there. in the meantime, the oakland police department came out and shut down the street. they didn't know whether it was real or fake. that went on for at least an hour here. again, the latest news is international is back open. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." new this morning, thousands
5:32 am
of angry protesters took to the streets of bangladesh today two days after the deadly factory collapse killed nearly 300 people. the protesters upset over the working conditions in the country's garmet industry. we have new video showing them visiting that building the day before the collapse. officers were called in to check out collapse. they ordered the evacuation of the building that housed a number of garment factories. more than 1,000 people are still missing. what caused the building to collapse is still under investigation. the former san francisco university director accused of more than 100 counts of bribery
5:33 am
expected to appear in court, to be arraigned on 128 felony counts. prosecutors say he took bribes from steven chung, the owner of an environmental waste firm. they were in exchange for $4 billion in university contracts for chung's company. chung will also be aarraigned today. also, in court today, the man accused in a drunken driving crash that killed three members of a daly city family. police say dennis damacedo had alcohol in his system when he crashed into another car last month killing a woman and her two sons. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. today, he will be in court to set a preliminary hearing date. >> 5:33. investigators are looking into what caused an overnight fire at a historic building in san jose. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live at the scene with more on the history of the city's landmark. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. when this fire started just about have 9:30 last night, it
5:34 am
quickly consumed this old victorian located on first street near highway 280. this is historic. it is a landmark. the building not only is old. it was built in 1884. for 101 years, a stricentury pl year, it was home to faber's cyclery. the fire department is still out here to make sure nothing else decides to flare up inside. the fire has compromised the structure of the building causing it to start to lean to the right. it is specially apparent as you look back down there on the ground floor. because the structure has been compromised, the firefighters could not go inside during the fire fight, which is one reason why they assumed a defensive posture while trying to put this out. >> there was inningsly some problems with collapse. we also had problems with electrical wires that were dropping down on top of our fire
5:35 am
apparatus. huge safety haz jards fards for. >> at one point, firefighters thought they might need to make entry to rescue a woman and child who lives upstairs. they weren't at home at the time or they made it out on their own. the red cross is helping them with temporary housing. the fire department is still trying to figure that out. it should be noted, there was power to this building. the fire captain mentioned in that sound bite. it is not clear if there was an electrical problem that had to do with this going up in flames. 5:35. let's check in with meteorologist, christina loren talking about a hot weekend. >> oh, yes. it is going to be toasty around here. one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. you want to plan accordingly for that. you might want to make those beach plans or just get ready for the heat in your homes, closing the windows in your household a little bit early. you can see the live picture of san jose.
5:36 am
still have some low clouds. your temperatures are crisp, at 52 degrees. good morning, livermore. 51, gilroy, 55, oakland. 53 degrees to start the day. good morning, san mateo. by noon, your temperatures are going to wrap up to the upper 50s, low 70s. we are going to hit the mid-70s, close to the low 80s in the warmest cities across the bay. 76, napa, 69 in oakland. this is the cool dast of the next eight. wait until i show you the seven-day outlook. i will let you know when the 90s is coming to the mix and when the heat will break. i have both answers coming up. i want to check your drive. is it smooth, rough, hurry up and wait. we have so much roadway to cover. right now, we are showing a smooth drive through fremont. this is a nice, easy flow of traffic. we have southbound with the head lights. we are increasing the volume. the struck scales, you are stopped. that's just at the scales. we are looking over toward where it is slowing also for the
5:37 am
tri-valley. approaching the dublin interchange. a little extra slowing. it shows up here early. 84 through livermore and pleasanton, pretty typical there. things held up a bit towards greenville. there was a stall reported, moved to lanes after about 15 minutes. that's the eep for the backup out of the altamont. we will see the slowing continue again. we are going to track that tri-valley focus point for the dublin interchange. 680 unaffected. getting there on stone valley road will be an issue. round hill at stone valley is where there was an overnight deadly crash. it went into a power pole. the call should reopen soon. hopefully, a great alternate toward 680. we are going to end with this map. state senator lee ye will be
5:38 am
at the test announcing good news for the drivers. the stickers allow the latest low-emission vehicles to drive in hov lanes even if there is only one person in the car. it is time to pay up. san francisco mayor, edded l lel be in baltimore today. >> time to pay the piper. back in february, he made a friendly wager that the 49ers would beat the ravens in the super bowl. of course and unfortunately, we all know how that ended up. kind of a buzzkill friday. i was feeling good. mayor lee is making good on his bet joining dozens of volunteers and members of the 49ers organization and nfl players association for a day of community service around baltimore. mayor lee will also, this is the good part of losing the bet, he gets to crack some blue crab and learn how to make a crab cake sandwich. eat up.
5:39 am
enjoy! >> 5:38 right now. we will tell you what the president is doing today that no other sitting president has ever done in history. >> why some local universities are coming out against california's plan to legalize sports betting. right now, we give you a live look from oracle arena. your warriors from golden state getting set to play game three of the nba playoffs tonight. marla tallez in the house showing the hot new t-shirts they will be rocking for the game. stick around. back in a minute.
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welcome back. 5:4167 5:41. a historical moment for president obama. he will be the keynote speaker at a planned parenthood gala in washington, d.c. month are than 1,000 supporters will be attending the event. planned parenthood has praised
5:42 am
the president's issues on women's health issues and his defense for federal funding. he had planned to speak yesterday but canceled to attend a memorial for the victims of the west texas fertilizer explosion. >> maybe you have noticed those three-hour waits at the airports. we have good news for you. they may soon be over. washington lawmakers apparently struck a deal that will provide enough money to put air traffic controllers back out on the job. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at what's in the works. good morning. if there is anything about this story you may remember, it will be this. unanimous consent. every single democrat and every single republican agreeing in the senate to shift some money around in the faa budget so those delays can go away. it is $253 million that has been set aside for airport improvements and other projects. couldn't be used for other purposes without congress getting involved. the senate approved it.
5:43 am
the house is expected to do so today. we don't know if it will be unanimous but it looks like the vote will pass. if that's the case, these air traffic controllers, 1500 a day who have been furloughed a day every other week, can get back on the job and get paid. that means more people in the tower. they can move more traffic, more flights in and out so you don't have to wait as long for that flight to take off. that's been the issue this week. it is a ptemporary fix. it comes as lawmakers are getting ready to board planes and head back home to their district. they are off next week. >> maybe that motivated them. it never hurts. 5:43. a bill aimed at legalizing sports betting in california has cleared another hurdle. state senate bill 190 just passed, allowing betting on most sports, except for college athletics. local universities, including stanford and the uc system asked the senate committee to drop the
5:44 am
plan saying the ncaa does not allow states allow single game betting to host national championship. other opponents say 25% of gamblers in treatment programs are sports beters. this wa make the problem worse. casinos say they are already betting in nevada and this would just keep the money in the state where they say it belongs it is probably a pretty good bet the house will be rocking for the golden state warriors looking to take control of the first round playoff series taking on the denver nug zets. >> the series is tied at a game a piece. one of the warriors star players may not be able to make it to takeoff. >> looking pretty comfortable out there. >> look at that. >> don't you like my pose. this is what it must feel like to be big, to be and feel big. they are big chairs and they are very comfortable chairs. this is the home bench of the golden state warriors, hardly a bench though.
5:45 am
these are some curb chairs. we have serious ergonomics. every seat decked out in what is called we are warriors t-shirts. almost 20,000 seats. oracle arena ready for game three of the seven game series against the nuggets tonight. if they win, they will take a 2-1 lead coming off a big game in game two. the warriors winning game two. tonight, the fans, the team are very excited. will their star point guard, number 30, steph curry, take the court after he twisted his ankle in game two? he did not practice yesterday. he is still hopeful as is head coach, mark jackson. >> he is doing the things he has got to do to put himself in
5:46 am
position to play. >> that being said, watching the video, i was shocked he got up and walked off and came back. it looked bad. it's a special time. he is a special player. >> reporter: steph curry saying if the game would have happened yesterday, he would not have been able to play. we will have to wait antsy, tip-off is at 7:30 tonight. across the parking lot at the owe coliseum, they wil open the doors two hours earlier to get on down at 5:30 and take your seat and support your we are warriors t-shirts on the back. one of their slogans, mine says battle. the other three are unite, protect and defend. gametime, 7:30.
5:47 am
one sunny little anecdote that one of the warrior guys told me, head coach, plark jackson said, if steph curry gets on the court to play for game three, the head athletic trainer would be the mvp of the series. live inside oracle arena, i'm marla tallez, "today in the bay." >> front row seats and a free t-shirts. sharks playoff tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. if you want to hang out with some shark fans stand outside of hp pavilion. the ticket office is going to be handing out wrist bands starting between 8:00 and 9:00. a drawing will determine which numbered wrist bands will be first in line. that will happen at 9:30. >> a lot of great sports in the bay area. going to feel like the fever today. pretty hot? >> stay inside and watch the
5:48 am
giants game. it is going to be hot in some parts of the bay area. that's what we love about living here. it takes less than an hour to reach a location that can be 10, 15, 20 degrees cooler at types. if you don't want to use your a.c. this weekend, plan on making those beach plans an hitting the inner bay, pretty nice, closest to water. the best of the temperatures. 52 degrees in livermore. maybe you want the heat. some people love it. we have got that for you in droves as we head throughout the next 5-8 days. major warming trend headed our way. as you can see right now, we are still getting that onshore flow. winds are coming straight out of the west in san francisco. that means we have a little bit of patchy fog out there, not a lot. what we do have is going to keep our temperatures in the low 60s for the first part of the day. we are expecting a little bit more to develop between now and 9:00 a.m. that's when the fog will be at its thickest. south of fremont, pretty good. san jose, not expecting a lot of fog.
5:49 am
by 2:00 p.m., look at what happens much the entire coastline clears out. you can stand on ocean beach and look out at that marine layer. beautiful sunny day at the coast starting today. we are going to keep those sunny days in the mix all weekend long. summer sizzle means offshore flow. as winds pump, they warm ang lo the way. it clears all the fog out of here and temperatures are able to soar. today is a good day for a bike ride. i see you over there, scott mcgrew. 78, livermore, 79, fairfield. can't wait to see what you are going to do with that. 80, gilroy. 73 in los gatos. we are still in the heart. we are closing green week. if you want to take a bike ride to work, it is going to be a lot more comfortable than tomorrow. look at these numbers, up to the mid-80s by saturday. low 90s on sunday. upper 80s monday and tuesday. we are going to get into the thick of this heat wave thursday and friday. we could be talking first triple digits. we're not even in summertime just yet. >> i heard that grown, laura. >> 5:49.
5:50 am
>> let's check that drive with mike. >> that was a group grown collectively. i've turned our palo alto camera to the dumbarton bridge where you can catch the lights. some sort of staul on the span. we don't see any real slowing out of the dumbarton bridge. both directions picking up the volume. 92, a tough couple of days the last two days. we are watching for a lighter drive now. shoreline concert going to make more congestion. it is always congested in the evening as well as the morning commute for that matter. a crash 880 at 237. watch for that. we hear there are injuries involved. your northbound route slowing for 101 and some major surface streets picking up the volume. quick look at oakland looking past the coliseum.
5:51 am
we are going to see a small volume increase heading through downtown. we are going to end with the bay bridge toll plaza. we take a look over there. we have the cash lanes starting to back up at the eastshore freeway just fine, back to you. >> all the little league world champions from petaluma back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. some of the players on that team now being accused of bullying. petaluma junior high school suspended seventh graders who played on the team after another player accused them of that bullying. the alleged bullying did not happen out on the baseball field but the president of the national little league board says the league is now adopting a new anti-bullying policy as a result. >> we plan on pun lishiblishing letter on our website. we are going to educate our coaches on what bullying is. we want them to talk to the teams about it. >> education very important on that subject. >> the little league champs no longer play on the same team but
5:52 am
they will be reuniting as a team for petaluma's butter and egg festival and parade. it is 5:51. coming up, the shot of a lifetime. a couple comes face to face with an entire pod of killer whales. >> enter in gadget friday, a very cool bike. we will show you what makes it unique coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. scott mcgrew worried he is go to get in trouble with our public safety committee because they are going to want to jump on there and try it out. >> remember the electric skateboard. promise me you will wear a
5:55 am
helmet. >> if you can wear a helmet and i can upload the video, we will shoot you after the news doing this. this is the turbo specialized bike out of morgan hill. it is an electric bike. we shot some video of a bunch of people trying it out on wednesday. yes, it is $5900 but the thing here is it has an electric assist. so no throttle. you just peddle and it takes off right behind you. i am going to ask our teleprompter to scroll back so i can see my notes but what it does is it runs on a lithium eye on hybrid battery. this is the same thing that the 787 rolls on but it is going to be much, much safer, i do promise you. so that's the idea. you turn it on right here and you just climb aboard and start peddling. there is a motor in the hub down here. it picks up and sort of assists you along. you can go for about an hour at
5:56 am
top speed. let me tell you, top speed is 30 miles an hour. a little less than 30. that's amazingly fast on a bike. you can smoke the car. they were looking through like, how did he do that? up there in menlo park on their carbon fibers, just go right past them. >> how you like me now? >> have you tried it yet? >> i have. it's almost hard to describe how amazing that first peddle is where you feel it kick in behind you. you think, i am superman. i could take the triplets on the longest bike ride ever. >> i need it to add on to it for a bicycle built for five. >> that would be cool. that might be more than $5900. >> thank you. >> for the record, scott is superman in my book. >> always. he just hides his cape under that suit. 5:56.
5:57 am
we have more amazing video. take a look at this. >> i love this. they are showing their rather playful side, if you can call it that, of killer whales a florida couple on a dive trip to la paz, mexico, when a pod of about 20 killer whales started playing near the back of the boat. they kind of looked like they were dolphins out there jumping in and out of the water. the couple says the pod actually followed them for about an hour coming within inches of the boat. that behavior is said to be very rare. >> cool video. 5:75. still ahead, new details released overnight about the boston marathon bombing suspect. he is out of the hospital. i'll tell you where he is now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the boston bombing subject moved out of the hospital overnight. >> the bomb squad is called in after this is found on one
6:00 am
oakland city street overnight. >> also, 100 years of history burned right down to the ground in the south bay. we will tell you which landmark building has now been reduced to rubble. >> welcome to friday. 6:00 a.m. straight up. temperatures are chilly to start the day but we are going to enter into a heat wave. we will be right back into the 90s before you know it. we will tell you who will be the warmest and how long it will last. >> we have had a tough south bay commute in the last couple of days. we are looking at a new crash as we are coming down from mill mill pedis. welcome to friday morning. this is "today in the bay." 6:00 on a friday morning. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm lawyura garcia


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